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YES! Youth Empowering Strength

31 May

Imagine if kindness and inclusion replaced cruelty and exclusion in the halls of our high schools. Imagine if teens decided that cyberbullying was uncool, and instead used social media for social good. Imagine if young leaders helped to create a culture of equality and safety for all students in their school. Imagine if adults listened to what youth can do instead of telling them what they can’t do. Imagine if we invested in the positive potential of young people, and their efforts to create positive climates in their schools and communities.

Imagine if we trusted young people to speak for themselves and to lead their peers.

Imagine if instead of saying no to teens, we said YES!

The National Committee on Community and Justice (NCCJ) is pleased to announce the launch of the YES! campaign to end bullying.

YES! (Youth Establishing Strength) is a national youth-led campaign that builds upon positive youth leadership and peer power to transform the culture of school communities into safe, welcoming space for all young people. Join NCCJ’s Youth Leadership Team in this national movement to end bullying driven by and for youth.