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9 Jun

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NCCJ Presents at the 3rd Annual Conference on Bullying & Safe Schools

6 Jun

Last week, the staff and youth of NCCJ were asked to present about their anti-bullying work in schools, and the new YES! Campaign, at the 3rd annual New Hampshire Conference on Bullying & Safe Schools. This year’s conference focused on new research and practice strategies to improve teaching about issues of safe space and inclusion within public schools. Among the many presenters at the conference, the NCCJ youth stood out as brillant, strong, and empowered. They captivated their audience with skits, fishbowls, and open discussion about the values of the YES! Campaign. Check out this video of their presentation!



The Yes! Campaign Values

6 Jun

The YES! Campaign Values


To acknowledge and appreciate the unique characteristics of each individual.


To honor and hold to a high esteem the qualities, and abilities of each individual.  To offer, in genuine goodness, our friendship that goes beyond social, political, and identity differences.


To have faith in ourselves and others to hold each of us in a safe space where we feel free to be who we are, and what we are, without the threat of humiliation, embarrassment, and harassment.  To recognize that often trust has to be earned, and also to remember that trust can easily be given.


To show a deep level of sympathy for the struggles of others to be who they want to be.  To reach out to others, especially those we may disagree with, and recognize the power of human emotion to heal, and transform experiences of pain to those of courage.


To constantly strive to live all experiences truthfully by challenging ourselves to speak, act, and seek the truth of our experiences.  To recognize that by seeking truth, we are uncovering the untruths that are often given as reasons to oppress, discriminate, and violate each one of us.  To value truth as a skill that we must work to become good at.


To go about our daily interactions conscious of the numerous ways in which we may unintentionally or intentionally cause violence against another person.  To recognize that one hurtful word has just as much power to hurt, separate, and damage people and communities as a punch.  To constantly challenge ourselves to seek out non-violent ways to deal with conflicts.  And, to learn and understand that being non-violent does not mean to be passive in the face of violence; when in fact, to be non-violent requires more courage, and has more power to have a lasting positive impact.


To imagine, visualize, see and dream of a society, a community, a world that centers around equal access for all of us to live a fruitful life of dignity, with faith in the people of the world to take care of each other.  To understand that each one of us is socialized to care for only ourselves and to defend violently when our fragile sense of self is threatened.  To believe that these socializations can be unlearned, and that each person has the capacity to love


To understand that as humans we all want to a part of something and to work to include others into anything that we do, and to challenge ourselves to join the works of others.  To be mindful of our surroundings to ensure that each person is made to feel wanted, accepted, and celebrated.

© Values created by Muneer Panjwani for The National Conference for Community & Justice


6 Jun

The Youth of Anytown!!

Camp ANYTOWN is a nationally recognized and award winning diversity, leadership and social justice program for high school age youth. ANYTOWN brings together a diverse group of students to spend 6-days covering all areas of social justice e.g., (racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, heterosexism, classism and ableism) and gives students the skills to work to eliminate all forms of discrimination and become effective leaders in our global society. At ANYTOWN, delegates are prepared to be the leaders of tomorrow and today.

NCCJ Youth Leaders

2 Jun

Check out a few pictures of the confident, powerful, and ground shaking youth of the National Committee on Community and Justice!!!