YAC Social Justice Sleepover by Sarah G.!

27 Jul

Last week on Friday the 20th YAC had its first ever Movie Marathon at our office in Windsor.  With a little over 50 youth in attendance it was certainly a night to remember. We all brought in our favorite foods and set up camp in the main room where we watched V for Vendetta, I AM, and Mean Girls.  The first movie we watched was the ever popular Mean Girls directed by Mark Waters. Even though this movie is a comedy it has a lot of good issues that the youth wanted to talk about. With topics like Sexsim, Racisim, and Homophobia it was a great conversation starter when the movie ended. The main issue we talked about as a whole was cliques and how we all participate in them in some way shape or form. After the conversation concluded some of us went to sleep, others stayed up to watch I AM the second movie on the list, and others went into the conference room for conversation. At this point in the evening I went into the conference room for some light conversation with friends. The conversation was anything but light. After Mean Girls the youth myself included wanted to talk about our schools. We brought up the clique problem and how you can recognize where certain cliques go. We also talked about what problems we have in our schools. This conversation made us all think a lot. Personally I saw so much passion in my friends it gave me hope. Everyone had such a great time seeing old friends and making new ones. When all is said and done our first YAC moviethon was a complete success! And before I conclude this entry I would like to give special thanks to Justin Kilian, Edwin Rodriguez, and Rev L.A. McCrae for helping put this event together I could not have done it without you! Also I want to thank all the youth for coming and making this YAC event a success and we look forward to seeing you soon!


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