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Max Lucado Quote for Reflection by Edwin Rodriguez, Youth Programs Intern

27 Sep

“A man who wants to lead the orchestra must turn his back on the crowd.”-Max Lucado

                This quote says a lot about fulfilling what one is entitled to do. In order to do your job, you should focus on what’s most important in that precise moment. I often have trouble focusing at times and this quote gives me a new way of looking at the things I should prioritize. Especially with my position being a youth empowered leader, this quote makes all the more sense on what is most important.


                If you want to make changes in your world, focus on the people around you first, your orchestra. Don’t worry about everyone else in the world just yet. Help your orchestra of people understand what change you want to make in the world. Then they will help you in delivering this message to your audience. This relates the most to what my role was/is during Camp Anytown. All of the youth participating learned to understand what changes need to be made, and how to make them. Changes such as fighting bias or bigotry, or bullying are best made with others to help each other out. Focusing on what is most important, each other, will help in the long run.


Van Jones Event at UMASS Amherst

27 Sep

Van Jones Event at UMASS Amherst

Van Jones will be speaking and will be signing books on October 18th. Let us know if you’ll be attending!

YES! Update

19 Sep


It has been just about one year since our initial YES! conference and your NCCJ Youth Leadership team has been working hard. Within the next two weeks, you will find updated information on our website with activities, tips, and guides for creating safe schools and communities.

Over the last year, we have engaged in focus groups, targeted conversations, met regarding our ideas on a guide for young people, teachers, and allies to use in their schools and community…and most importantly, we continue/d to say YES!

Check out the information and let us know what you think! Send us your pictures, stories, poems, thoughts, ideas, comments, concerns and WHATEVER else you have! We wanted to know how this YES! guide is being used in your schools.

Let’s continue creating safe schools and communities, together!

Yours in community,

~ Youth Programs Office