YES! Featured in Amherst Regional High School’s Newspaper!  Read it here.

YES! Highlighted in BOOST (Best Out Of School Time) Collaborative Newsletter!  Read it here.

Fantastic story on The YES! Campaign launch on 22NEWS!  Shae Sau andLulu Cruz thank you for speaking from the heart!

“I was bullied for not being part of the majority for just being a very quiet person or not standing up for myself and it’s something that stays with me for a very long time, it’s something that I want to stop and help youth stop.” – LuLu Cruz

The YES! Campaign on ABC40 and FOX6 news.

“It’s about affirming people and saying yes to who they are and not saying no you can’t act that way or you can’t look that way or you can’t be that way. Its yes you can be who you are,” said Jacob Gardener.

The YES! Campaign on MASSLIVE. 

“I went to camp Anytown run by the NCCJ and it was such an inclusive and amazing community that was so different than any other community. I want to make school more like that, where you are excited to go and you want to be apart of everything and feel included. I want that spirit to come back with us to make our school better,”  Grace Findlen-Golden.

YES! Leader Nadia Balogou talks about the YES Campaign’s vision and strategy on New England Public Radio’s Morning Edition Extra.  Listen here.

YES! leader Emma Murray featured on MASSLIVE.  Read the article here.

YES! Flashmob on MASSLIVE.

YES! Youth Leader Rosaline Abraham featured on MASSLIVE for being 2011 NCCJ Youth Human Relations Award Winner.


3 Responses to “Buzz”

  1. Melissa February 17, 2013 at 3:37 PM #

    Psycho! One or two people (three if there are a lot of kids) get a red maekrr, but no one knows (except the person starting the game) who has them. Everyone-including the ‘psycho(s)’ scatters. A semi-dark church is best. The ‘psycho’ then goes around marking (killing) people. If you’re marked, you’re not allowed to tell who got you on your way back to base (a lighted room). The ‘civilians’ can try to catch the psycho by bringing in the suspect. If they’re wrong, they both go back to the game. The psycho can of course pretend to be a citizen and arrest people to avert suspicion.

  2. njqqshwi February 20, 2013 at 11:13 PM #

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  1. We be buzzing like bees on a mission. « The YES! Campaign - November 1, 2011

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