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  1. Alberto February 20, 2013 at 5:28 AM #

    Hi HW:I’m guessing that your pvriate school is pretty small, but even so there are lots of ways to make new friends. Sometimes, friends grow apart. It sounds like you are very outgoing, but what are your interests? What is it about the friends that you made that make you want to be with them? Do you like the same things, do you want to talk about the same things or do the same things? Maybe you both don’t have a lot in common for the friendships to stay strong now that you are getting older. I would suggest you figure out what kinds of activities and interests make you you. Then join a club or group where you can enjoy them and meet other kids who like that too. It can be at school or in your town. Your friends can come from all different places. I have friends from other towns who like to do theater or go to my camp that I really have a great time with. If you want to try to make things work with your friends, I might relax a bit..You say you can get kind of crazy. Don’t lose who you are, but maybe you might want to take time and listen to your friends and see them for who they are instead of getting crazy. It sounds like you might want some attention, but you will probably be more successful in getting in their attention, if they think you are interested in them, and not just in goofing around. Relax, listen and try to be a part of your friends’ circle, instead of being in the center of it.Let us know what happens. Hopefully, someone else might have some great ideas to give to you too!Good Luck!dana

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