See PAIN?? First Aid Kit

A few extra tools to use…

Use these as a complement to your workshop. They could be placed in the room where you are doing the workshop or they could be provided as a handout.

Tool #1:  See PAIN??   First Aid Kit

If you see anyone bullying someone or being mean – here are some things you can :

  • Say “STOP IT!”
  • Name the behavior: “you’re being mean” “I think that’s bullying”
  • Question why: why are you doing that? Are you trying to be mean? Are you picking on them for a reason?
  • Ask – “how would you like it if you were on the receiving end of you?”
  • Say “OUCH”
  • Go get help. Ask some friends to help you intervene. Go get an adult to help.
  • Simply go stand next to the target and face the meany.
  • See someone sitting alone? Go sit with them, better yet bring a couple of friends.
  • Be assertive!! Model this for the aggressor and the target.
  • Report the aggressors anonymously sometime after the incident. Write it up and drop it off in the main office or start an anonymous reporting box. Be the first to enter something.
  • Try to turn the mean comment into a joke to take the sting away. When someone is picked on for not wearing matching clothes you can say I like the strength it took to be so creative! Bravo!!
  • Say “so?” use this when someone is saying mean things like “your ugly” or “your weird” say so????
  • Hold the person accountable like “you put your name on the ally commitment board but you aren’t acting like an ally – what’s up?”
  • If it’s your friend who is being the aggressor, as you are saying sorry grab your friend and start walking away in a different direction.
  • Change the subject! Try “What did you think of that movie….” “Did you see Robert Pattinson?” “How about those Yankees?”

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