Student and Teacher Resources

Hey there yall!

You may be looking for additional information on our Youth Programs. 

Here you will find our Bridges and Anytown flyers and brochures as well as information pertaining to our Fall 2012 Youth Action Coalition (YAC) events. 

If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach L.A. at or 860-683-1039 ext 102. 

We look forward to hearing from you soon!


Youth Programs of the

National Conference for Community and Justice


Anytown –  A year long program that begins with a week long residential summer experience that focuses on social justice liberation through developing an understanding of the cycle of oppression all the way through the cycle of liberation. Young people who have gone through the summer Anytown program go back to their school communities and participate in a variety of Action Projects in their Action or Safe Space clubs. 

ANYTOWN Information


Bridges – Our two day, in school program that focuses on reducing bias, bigotry, and hatred. The three major focuses are:

  1. Developing a positive view of self
  2. Developing a positive view of others
  3. Developing critical thinking skills

BRIDGES Brochure 2012                                                            BRIDGES Information


YAC – Our Youth Action Coalition is a body of young people (like you!) who come together for further leadership training and community building experiences. 

YAC Events 2012                                                                         YAC Fall 2012_3

YES! – Youth Say YES! A national campaign to address issues of bias based bullying in our schools. 




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