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FRESH off the PRESS – YES! Campaign Conference Report 2011

20 Feb

The YES! Campaign Conference Report 2011

After months of hard work, we finally have it!  We spent weeks organizing all of the ideas YES! participants gave us about creating safe and inclusive schools.  Then spent days upon days working with a super cool graphic designer from New York to figure out how best to represent the contagious energy that was everywhere on October 23, 2011! We had a day long party to ask our YES! Leaders what they would like to see in the report – this was really just an excuse to hang out.  We did some work though, really!  Then, we finally put it all together ensuring that the whole report reflected the energy, passion, conversation, and learnings we all had that day.

As you read through the report, be sure to read all the post-its, the quotes, see the pictures, and start to think about what you can take away from it.  We think the report has a ton of useful information for youth, teachers, youth-workers, and school administrators.  This document is just the preview of what’s to come.  Later this year, NCCJ will be using the ideas that we summarized in this report to create an actual curriculum of activities and strategies that youth and adults can use to create safe and inclusive environments in their schools.  Until then, enjoy the report and contact us for more information about anything.

Happy Readings!

Click –> YES! Conference Report 2011