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Kimmie’s Power: The POWER that I have now is the same power that I possessed when I was younger.

21 Nov

Kimmie Tran!

We (the YOUth) Have The Power!

By Kimtuyen “Kimmie” Thi Tran

From early on, it’s been conditioned into my being that there are things that I can do and things that I am not allowed to do. Do NOT touch that. Do NOT go to the bathroom without permission. Do NOT break the rules. You are forced into this box that conditions everyone to think that they are incapable of making decisions without someone’s approval, otherwise there are consequences. We are not allowed to break the molds that the society is trying to condition us into.

Why is the one thing we emphasize when kids are growing up is the negative powers of NO, DON’T, CAN’T, and SHOULDN’T?

Young adults feel like they have no power as they are maturing and growing. When Young Adults have to make a choice to do something, they quite often have to try to overcome the barricades of NO, DON’T, SHOULDN’T in order to accomplish something.

Thus, The YES! Campaign is the response and initiative to fix this NO epidemic! Instead of telling youth and young adults that they are not allowed to do something, we are giving the youth THEIR POWER BACK! Instead of constantly saying NO you can’t do this, NO you shouldn’t do that, we are saying YES! you can do that, YES! you have the strength, YES! you are able! This is important because young adults come into contact with many situations and issues that require them to feel like they have power. YES! gives them the power to recognize that they have all the strength they need to conquer any problem that comes into their path! The YES! initiative is Youth Establishing Strength to make a difference!

YES! is that positive initiative that is needed to remind youth and young adults like me that we can make a difference because we have that strength. Being a college student of color at an all-girls college that recognizes the strength we all possess is a reminder that YES! is that admonition for me that I have the strength to do anything I set my mind to. Power is not suddenly given to me because I am older or because I am in college. The power that I have now is the same power that I possessed when I was younger!

My ability to recognize my strengths are constantly emphasized through The YES! Campaign. YES! is the positive affirmation in my life that I am able and have the potential to do what I want to!!! I am able to break through barriers that have been placed on me because of what the society thinks I am capable of. I can show everyone the strength I have by standing up and saying YES!

YES! I can do what I want to make this world a better place!

YES! I have the strength to oppose the oppressor!

YES! I can stand up for myself, my beliefs, and others beliefs that I care about!

YES! with everyone standing together, we are a force that will become unstoppable because NO ONE will have the power to tell us NO WE CANT because we KNOW YES! WE CAN!


Kimmie Tran is a senior at Smith College studying Pre-Med, with a major in in Religion and a minor in Chemistry.  Kimmie continues to be passionate about social justice, enjoys volunteering at hospitals, cooking, and has attended NCCJ’s ANYTOWN program multiple times as a counselor along with being involved in activities on campus.