Culture Shift

Welcome back – school is about to begin!

The summer is over and school is just about to begin. You want to kick the year off right and take the steps toward creating a positive school climate. The activity guide has activities for youth and adult allies, from all-school inclusion activities to after-school program activities and in-class activities that address anti-bias and inclusion topics.  What was loud and clear from the youth that gathered for the YES! conference is that large group assemblies do not work for them nor does focusing on the “bad stuff that will happen to you if you bully someone” so you  won’t find any of that here. It’s all about learning, fun and empowerment!

Most of these activities are designed for youth to lead and for optimum results it would be great to have a caring adult ally as co-facilitator.  As an adult ally, it is important to note that YES! is about empowering youth to take the lead in creating positive inclusive school communities.  Please use the activities that you think could make a positive impact on your school community and feel free to add your special touches to it! First step – Culture Shift!

These activities are designed to establish the foundation for a new kind of school community – one in which bullying is addressed directly and overcome. 


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  1. Fatimah February 18, 2013 at 11:18 AM #

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