I Commit Wall

I Commit…



To allow the students to come forward and take responsibility for promoting kindness, being an ally for their fellow students, stepping up to making a difference and being part of and making a community of their school this year.



  • To visually make a commitment and ownership for being part of the solution to having a safe, supportive school environment.
  • To support a culture shift that is positive, affirming and inspirational.
  • To give students the opportunity to affirm, motivate, inspire and support each other.


Requirements & Materials

Group Size:    not applicable

Time:              10 minutes sometime in the first week of school

Space:            one wall in the school that is central to students, preferably in an area that is student active

Materials:      butcher paper, commitment cards (see below)



1      Prior to the start of the school year dedicate one large wall to be the Commitment Wall and cover it with butcher paper. Make it sturdy to last the year. Make sure this wall is in a central location that students pass daily.

2     Label the wall: “I Commit…” in very large letters.

3     Under the title have a few or all of the following commitment lines:

  • to promoting kindness.
  • to being an ally.
  • to  being responsible for standing up against meanness & bullying.
  • to making this school safe & supportive for ALL students.
  • to building community.
  • to caring.

4     Commitment cards: can be large post-its or heart cards or students photos (my favorite) on which each student writes their name and places it on the wall.

5     Commitment cards can all be the same or each grade can have a different type of card.

6     It is VERY important that the students write their own name and add their card to the wall as a choice!! It cannot be mandatory.

7     The “wall” can be explained during home room and repeated during the semester. It is important that teachers and staff promote the “wall” and inspire the students to take ownership of their place in making a difference in the school and adding their name and commitment to the wall.


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