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Since many of us are Tumblr, blogspot, and wordpress addicts, we at YES! noticed that there is no “one-stop-shop” for youth voices to be heard about issues that we (the youth) care about. Crazy right? No wonder so many of us hear “this generation doesn’t care about anything” all the time.  Well, we know it’s not true, and you do too.

So we’re breaking social norms, challenging the adult-driven blogosphere, and giving youth all over the country the opportunity to blog with us!

Come join this party by following some of these simple guidelines:

1.  You must be between the ages of 12-24.  (Don’t worry older folks, you can write for us too when we highlight allies every month.)

2. Topics to write about: Any thing that has to do with the following words: school climate, bullying, youth leadership, youth empowerment, oppression, prejudice/stereotypes, media, pop culture, and well anything else you want to suggest.  We love, love, LOVE getting youth’s reactions to what’s happening in the world too, so that’s a good place to start.

3. Pick a topic, do some research if you need to, and connect it to your life in some way.  Above all keep it real and respectful.

4. It can be any length as long as it’s long enough to get your points across and short enough to not be considered a comment.

5. You can write as often as you want.  We really like repeat bloggers.  You can even do a VIDEO BLOG POST!

5. Include your name, school, grade, and a couple sentences about yourself and email blog to

Never written a blog post before?  Here are some helpful hints to get you started!

Our Values:

1.  We BELIEVE in you! You have the power to write moving stories and narratives that need to be heard by everyone.  You do not need to have extensive vocabulary, or proper grammer to write.  Just write what you are thinking about.  We don’t judge.

2. We TRUST you! We trust that you will write honestly and respectfully about whatever draws your attention and inspires you to write.

3. We VALUE you! We value your opinions, ideas, experiences, her/histories, and observations.  We want to hear from you, so don’t hesitate to write to us!

What you get in return:

1. Innumerable hugs of course

2. Your words read by thousands of readers. (You can call yourself a YES! Campaign Blogger!)

3. Feedback on your writing.

4. Love and support from a community of people who care about YOUth.

5. Who knows you may even get a Blogger of the Year Award!


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